In the world we live, there is a natural pre-occupation with suffering and struggle.

When we are suffering with something in our life, say a break up for example. We want to focus on how much we are hurting. We want to analyze the problem, talk about it to all our friends.

We even jump on internet forums and write endless posts and discussion about the problem.

The problem becomes our focus, which then becomes our identity.


So what happens?

We never get happy, we may get past that specific problem, yet we just create another problem in our life to replace it.

That is the law of attraction at its finest, responding to our vibration.

Heck even when people try to help us, unless they come down to your level, and feel your pain and sympathize with your issue, then they could never understand.

No matter what they say, you won’t accept their help, unless they come down to your emotional level and join you in your suffering.

This is often called defending your negativity.

In fact your vibration and perspective on the problem, will prevent you from finding or hearing any possible solutions to your problem. The people or solutions and resources to help you, simply can’t reach you because of the law of attraction at work.

We see this with everything in life.

There is no doubt a lot of legitimate suffering and pain in this world. There are people/countries who need our help and resources, but too often what is required never gets where it needs to be. Or the effective action required is prevented from happening.

This is often because of the very well meaning people who champion a lot of the causes in the world. These people who have the channels and infrastructure to allow the aid, resources or solutions to reach and benefit the people in need, are coming from the wrong approach.

They often have the view that, if thy neighbor is struggling, then so must you. You must sacrifice something in order for them to be helped. It is wrong for you to be happy and prosperous while someone is struggling in the world.

How will that help anyone?

You certainly sympathize with someone in a less fortunate position than you, and there is an innate love and desire to help them. But the approach to this should be flipped on it’s head.

The approach to helping anyone with a problem in life, should be to come from a place of being positive, with an abundant mindset, and a general happiness.

Such a positive vibration can bring such wonderful solutions, abundance and resources to help a person or situation. The goal should be to raise those who are suffering up to your vibration, not for you to drop down to theirs.

Then the law of attraction can truly go to work!


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There is a tendency to measure how virtuous, caring and helpful someone is by how much sacrifice they have made.

This goes along with the belief that you must sacrifice something in order to help another, which is ultimately a belief in lack.

The same goes for measuring success. In this world, we measure success by how much sacrifice someone has made to get there. We never celebrate the abundance or achievement, or happiness that is the true success.

We are more interested in the story of struggle, instead of the wonderful reflection of the abundant and powerful creators we truly are.

So the law of attraction goes to work, and gives you more hard work and suffering, and maybe if your lucky some success. But coming into that success your belief in lack and suffering, will make it difficult to maintain, so you never get a time to truly enjoy it.

I know this has been said many a time, but if hard work equaled success, then day laborers and those in very demanding roles, would be filthy rich.

When someone succeeds, we sit there and congratulate them on how hard they have worked, and how much they have suffered to get their … “They deserve it”, are the words often muttered.

When we have some success in life for little or no effort, we often feel guilty and not deserving of it because it came too easily.

There is nothing wrong with all of this, as everything is a perfectly valid experience in life. Nobody is better or worse, we are all just living our own stories.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

With the law of attraction, life can be fun joyous and easy. You’re a true creator and a powerful being, there is nothing you can’t do.

You just need to shift your focus to one of joy and abundance, then everything will flow to you!


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