So we tend to only start wanting to learn about the law of attraction when we encounter problems in our lives, and with this blog, we are going to deal with significant issues, and how you can fix them with a metaphysical approach.

A common problem for just about every woman in life, is when a man suddenly pulls away in a relationship!

Just about every woman in a relationship will have experienced this at some point!

It may be at the beginning of a relationship, or it could be when you have been together for quite a while, either way it is upsetting and highly confusing!

It feels like his change in behavior for you literally changes overnight. Suddenly he doesn’t want to know you!

In this post I don’t intend to go to deep into explaining why men pull away, however if you want to know more detail, check out this great article at …

I do intend on explaining how to manifest a solution to this problem!

A Brief Explanation On Why Men Become Distant:

The simple explanation is … they feel one of these things:

  1. They have no control over the direction of their lives.
  2. There is a lack of emotional connection.
  3. You’re pressuring him.

There is a 4th reason, and that may just be a jerk, and my advice to you then is to stop caring and move on!

So lets take a very quick look at these 3 things.

No Control:

If he feels like he has no control over the direction of his life, due to his relationship, then he will become distant.

If you are constantly controlling his time, and what is happening in each moment he has spare, then he will feel frustrated.

It is great to organize things for you to do together, but if he never has any space of free time, then he will start distancing himself from the relationship.

I made this mistake once. With a past boyfriend, every weekend, spare moment we had I organized things for us to do together and with friends.  A lot of this was all planned out months in advance.

One year in October, we didn’t have a free weekend until Christmas!

My boyfriend got frustrated and I couldn’t understand. All he wanted was one weekend to do nothing! He just wanted time to wind down, and do whatever motivated him, even if that meant sitting on the couch.

He had no free time to get any jobs around the house either.

He became distant, and I realized that he was upset that he felt like he had no control over his life.


Emotional Connection:

We may think that men are emotionless beasts that are consumed with sex.

However men actually desire a deep emotional connection with a woman. Just like a woman does!

It doesn’t feel like this is the case, because men and woman search for this connection in different ways.

Men look for it through sex, and women look for it through romance.

At some point as both men and women mature, a balance is struck and they meet in the women.

Men are also realists, they view a relationship in a very practical way, where as women tend to view a relationship like a fairy tale romance.

If a man lacks an emotional connection with you, then he will want to move on. He will back away from the relationship.

Ultimatums And Pressure:

If you are forcing a man into more commitment, then you will most certainly push him away!

It may be to move in together, to say “I love you”, to get married or have children. Either way if you keep putting pressure on him, you will only force him away.

You are only doing this out of fear, and what you resist persists, hence your reality reflects this experience back to you.

He actually wants the same things as you. He wants to get married and start a family, he wants to tell you he loves you.

But if he needs to feel like he is making the decision to do that, just like you wouldn’t like to be pressured as well.

Creating A Solution With The Law Of Attraction:

This is actually very simple!

First you need to accept responsibility for whatever your part in creating this situation was.

Then you need to completely allow the situation. You need allow the emotions, and resistance to flow through you and allow a state of balance within you.

This will allow the law of attraction to create a solution for you.

When you are in this place of balance you will be inspired to take actions that will fix this situation with your man.

You may think about all the doubts and what ifs! If so, just allow those doubts and feelings. They are just thoughts, and remember you are life itself, the situation will fix itself, and your relationship will be able to get back on track.

Always remember that your reality is always reflecting your thoughts and feelings back to you.

Keep calm and don’t panic, everything will be fixed before you know it.

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