Is a break up a precursor to spiritual growth or awakening?

In my experience it certainly was. There was one particularly painful break up that happened in my life, which led me to spirituality in search of answers.

In my case I was looking to get rid of the pain. At the time, in my mind, the only way to solve the pain was to get back with my ex. I believed, that if I managed to get my ex back, all my pain would go away, and I could be happy.

What I found, however, was my true self ….

Yes, I got my ex back too, however, in the scheme of things, that is a minor detail compared to the unconditional joy I have as a result of my spiritual journey.

So yes you can manifest a specific person, and you can manifest your ex back (which is the reason people are on this website.) But you need to understand what it is that you’re actually trying to accomplish.

The Break Up Is Just A Catalyst!

Break Up Pain

Manifesting a specific person, or getting an ex back into your life is merely the tip of the iceberg. It is a motivating factor that sets energy in motion to allow your spiritual awakening.

Life is just energy in motion. It’s the play of form. If you look around there is an intelligence in life that goes far beyond what we perceive with the human brain.

Who we think we are is just the accumulation of thoughts and beliefs that swirl around in our head. We take ourselves to be this ever-changing mental construct that we keep having to add to.

This mental construct is often referred to as our ego.

Our ego is everything to us, and by design, it feels separated from the world. There is you Vs. The world.

So we have to survive, we can’t let our ego die, so we have to keep adding layers to ourselves. We need to have a specific education. We have to have a specific career or work for a particular company.

We need to have that relationship with that specific person. You have to get married and have children.

Or for some people, our identity becomes routed in failure. We never managed to get the job we wanted, or the relationship we wanted. Our identity becomes the negative story, and we find comfort in the identification of our negative story.

Then something happens to us. For people on this website, it is a break-up. But it could be the death of a loved one, business failure or getting fired.

Something happens that appears to be out of our control that turns our life upside down.

The Turning Point: Where Less Becomes More

The hard shell of our identity has been smashed to pieces. We have all these intense negative emotions, and we are desperate to look for a solution to this pain.

The literal force of our emotions drives us to act. We are used to looking outside of us for answers, and for how to be happy.

Since everything is just a story and a play of form, you are never satisfied with the answers you get. You keep digging until you find something called the Law Of Attraction.

This is the turning point. There is hope for you and your happiness.

This is the point where your focus in life beings to turn inwards, and you realize that life happens from the inside out. Not the outside in.

As you go deeper down the rabbit hole, you begin to understand that happiness and wholeness are something that comes from within and not something that you can seek on the outside.

If you keep seeking happiness on the outside, then that is what life will give you, more seeking of happiness!

As you go deeper, you let go of struggle. You realize yourself and life are much deeper than the law of attraction, and that manifesting is just one of the many games we play in this story of life.

You have unearthed an incredible wholeness and intelligence within you. You are no longer seeking any form of happiness from the outside; rather the outside is reflecting your inner happiness back to you.

At this point, you realize that you’re life itself. This is who you truly are. You understand life is forever expanding and unfolding in more positive ways.

What Games In Life Do You Want To Play?

Play With Life

This is when life starts calling for the power of your focus. Your job as life is to be a conscious creator. You can play whatever games feel good to you!

How about a bit of the law of attraction? Ok great, you make the rules, maybe a bit of Abraham Hicks mixed with some Matrix Energetics? Do what feels inspired. Because all that matters is how you feel. If something feels good, then you’re aligned with the flow of life. Follow what brings you joy.

So will you get that ex back or manifest a specific person? Maybe, it will be your choice. You may get them, or in many cases, you will get someone infinitely better!

Yes, you will still have an ego. You will always have thoughts of happiness, sadness, frustration, and anger, etc. These are necessary parts of life. However, they will pass through you like the weather. They will not affect you. These thoughts serve a purpose to allow life to create and play with itself.

Always remember in the times of intense emotional pain …. your thoughts are not a problem, its the force of resistance that you have within you towards that is your problem.

This resistance is what’s blocking you from seeing the truth of who you truly are.

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