I am sure just about all of you reading this page will have watched or heard about The Secret! …

For many of you, this would have been your first introduction to the law of attraction. For others, it may not have.

In fact, for those that have a healthy understanding of the law of attraction, The Secret probably frustrated you more than anything, as it left a lot of important details out.

The law of attraction is actually pretty straight forward, it’s at work all of the time, and is responsible for the reality you are experiencing right now.

It’s not something that you need to try and get to work … it is always working! You need to learn how to work the law of attraction to your advantage.

There are many areas of your life that you will have desires for and things that you would like to manifest. In this post we are going to begin with love, and why Love plays such a motivating force in our life.

So lets begin:

Manifestation And Love:

Law Of Attraction And Love

Love is one of the biggest motivators, and driving forces behind people wanting to know more about spirituality and manifestation.

In fact most people will discover the law of attraction, as a result of a break up and wanting to get an ex back, or they are falling in love with a person in their life, and wanting to manifest a specific person. The rest simply just desire a relationship of some kind, the relationship of their dreams.

As always with love, and manifesting … you need to work on your own internal vibration and love for your self. This will bring new relationships and people into your life from the universe.

Remember reality is like a mirror, what you’re sending out, is what you’re getting back.

This is easy for people to understand. But for many they start to get hung up on the details.

I found the law of attraction because of a break up, and I was desperate to know if I could use it to manifest my ex back. I spent more time worrying about if I was “allowed” to manifest something like that, than actually giving it a go … many people are in this same boat, and we will discuss this in detail in a later post.

For others they have a person in their life, that they have fallen in love with, and desire a relationship with them. Once again too many people get hung up on the details, and wonder if it is possible for them to try and manifest a relationship with a specific person.

People still seem to think the universe is judging what they can and can’t desire, when in fact all it does, is give back what you send out!

Think about it like this …. before you encountered manifesting and metaphysics, you met a guy or girl that you liked, and you set about attempting to gain their attention, and win their heart. That’s how our parents, grand parents and everyone has done it!

Yet suddenly when you discover the laws of attraction, you are told that it’s wrong to desire a specific person …. why the heck is that?

To discuss this more, Adam Evans has a great video that I have put below, discussing this concept of using the law of attraction to attract a specific person:


If you’re interested in more from Adam, he has a hugely popular blog post titled Law Of Attraction Specific Person which accompanies this video. Or he has a great and informative answer on Quora discussing the in’s and out’s of using the law of attraction to attract a specific person.

Either way, the point is, when it comes to manifesting love, you need to keep and open mind! Use that specific person as motivation, and keep an open mind to the outcome.

Life goes on with manifestation. For your desires to be popped into your reality, it requires you to take action towards those desires.

You can’t just sit on the couch all day and have the person of your dreams ask you out!

You need to use principles such as staying in the now, and bringing awareness to your mind to remove the limiting beliefs you have about your desire.

You also need to take action when you feel inspired to do so.

In fact … you will most likely have to ask the specific person you desire out on a date! … But the universe will orchestrate events beautifully to get you ready to do that mentally, and provide you the opportunity.

Manifestation is a very interactive process.

But that is enough for now, talk again soon!


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