Struggle, Suffering And The Law Of Attraction

In the world we live, there is a natural pre-occupation with suffering and struggle.

When we are suffering with something in our life, say a break up for example. We want to focus on how much we are hurting. We want to analyze the problem, talk about it to all our friends.

We even jump on internet forums and write endless posts and discussion about the problem.

The problem becomes our focus, which then becomes our identity. Continue Reading

How A Break Up Can Lead To Spiritual Awakening

Is a break up a precursor to spiritual growth or awakening?

In my experience it certainly was. There was one particularly painful break up that happened in my life, which led me to spirituality in search of answers.

In my case I was looking to get rid of the pain. At the time, in my mind, the only way to solve the pain was to get back with my ex. I believed, that if I managed to get my ex back, all my pain would go away, and I could be happy.

What I found, however, was my true self ….

Yes, I got my ex back too, however, in the scheme of things, that is a minor detail compared to the unconditional joy I have as a result of my spiritual journey.

So yes you can manifest a specific person, and you can manifest your ex back (which is the reason people are on this website.) But you need to understand what it is that you’re actually trying to accomplish. Continue Reading