Law Of Attraction To Attract A Specific Person


I am sure just about all of you reading this page will have watched or heard about The Secret! …

For many of you, this would have been your first introduction to the law of attraction. For others, it may not have.

In fact, for those that have a healthy understanding of the law of attraction, The Secret probably frustrated you more than anything, as it left a lot of important details out.

The law of attraction is actually pretty straight forward, it’s at work all of the time, and is responsible for the reality you are experiencing right now.

It’s not something that you need to try and get to work … it is always working! You need to learn how to work the law of attraction to your advantage.

There are many areas of your life that you will have desires for and things that you would like to manifest. In this post we are going to begin with love, and why Love plays such a motivating force in our life. Continue Reading